Sunday, October 3, 2010

All the man you ever wanted.....

Never has there been a single tear fall from my eyes,

at least when you were looking.

There was a method to my madness..

.A single tear could start the erosion of all I thought I could be for you.

I wanted to be the strong one.....

I wanted, needed, to be all the man you would ever need.

I have feelings ..but I dared not show them....

To do so would not be do so would mean my letting go..

of what I had fought so hard to keep from you...

If I have never be gentle enough with you...

blame it on my upbringing...attribute it to the fact of trail and error...I being the loser this time.

but not say I did not love you...

I loved you the only way I knew...

I Need you ...

I want you to know that...when you drift through crowds of unfamiliar smiles,

When you are a stranger in a strange land...I need to make sure you understand what,

and who you have become in my life.

When it seems that all is lost...that no matter what the can be the only answer.

Gary D. Eaton 3 October 2010

Tulsa Sunrise/Day one

Like a mythical dragon...the sun chewed away the shadows on the tulsa terrain.

now, full bellied, contented, he waddles westward....awkwardly across the sky...

Had you found me alone....captive in the tulsa twilight...

I would have welcomed you my familiar friend....

As it happened, I laid indivisable in the arms of one... whose touch was more powerful,

...enveloped in a warmth equal to a thousand October suns...

I cradel his sleepy smile within my hands.... as you stir from your saturdays slumber.

I offer myself up to you...I offer you the pureness of this moment into our lives....

A moment sure to convince even tinkerbell ..that wishes do come true..

25 October 1980 Gary D. Eaton

Thursday, September 23, 2010


In arrogance or ignorance...death touches us all.

The familiar smile...a memory now,

The strong hands that helped us to our first wobbly stance...those who mold our tomorrows from

our yesterdays..Those who taught us how to love by loving us.

from what they have taught us...let us teach..

Give someone a memory of being loved..

For who they were...and what they were for us lives now within us...

Within you now lives the strength to help the child take it's first step...

Entrenched in your smile is anothers smile...a smile that someone needs.

Hand to is exchanged...

The ineviitable awaits us as we wait...The seconds of this life are counted for us....

bondage...tied and bound

Untie the ropes..if you notice..I still bear the scars of being tied to someone before.

Hard as I have tried..I can't be locked away for the sake of love.

I asked for nothing more than for you to love I love you.

But once when my back was turned...You tied me to what you expected of me,

You bound me to what you thought I should do...If I really loved you.

If you want me to walk with you in this life unfolding...I will..

But do not expect me to walk inside your footsteps..

If you want to know something about me ...ask me...I will not lie to you.

I have lied before...and lied again to cover lies...and I won't again..

A time or two I lied to myself..and more than once I almost believed...I was,

or could become who they wanted me to be for them...instead of myself..

If you love me....Don't ask me if I love you....alpha, omega, my love for you is constant.

Gary D. Eaton

Christmas Past...

Neon Christmas trees flash strange patterns on the snow,

soot laiden footprints carve a planters row in the drifts along what used to be sidewalks.

streetcorner Santa's ring out to all the yuletide message of love, hope, peace, goodwill to all men.

feed the hungry he for the needy,

...But not one word...for the man alone.

No chairity has yet been telathon to bring attention to the man...who has no one.

Gary D. Eaton

Monday, September 6, 2010

God Must Be Sleeping.

A man stopped me on the street today, shouting god is dead...

I Shook my head ....He is only Sleeping.

What about the hunger he said...what about the war..what kind of god could let humans

ultimatly..destroy themselves and each must surely be dead.

God is resting now I told the stranger, meerly taking a moment for himself of sorts.

Look Up I said,.....Look up..look around you..each sunrise..The Universe..god finest creation.

God is meerly resting...Humans I said with all our flaws , faults, and fears..are Gods Masterpiece.

God knows our imperfections....and he's o.k. with them for now.

But come judgement day..You cannot even imagine an excuse he has not heard.

Tears welled up in the strangers eyes....Why has god forsaken me.

I have military medals for killing a man..and a Dishonorable Discharge for loving one.

Now they want to vote on my rights to marry the person that I Love.

I told the Stranger..A god that know's the number of hairs on your head..your before..your after.

He has not left you at all...he is meerly sleeping.

The stranger turned to walk I recognized him..he was the guy who cut my hair last

week...the man who bagged my groceries..he was my brother..a friend..the kid we made fun

of on the playground because he could not throw a baseball.

God Said...and I heard him.. as he walked away into the crowded sidewalk.....Judgement is one I love you.

Gary D. Eaton 6 September 2010